HY1433 (357972742C), Wire Seals For Wire Harness, Grass Green, VW/Audi.

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HY1433 (357972742C)
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Key Features

The VW/Audi 357972742C is a Single Wire Seal of connectors. It accepts 3.2 to 3.7 mm cableinsulation diameter with silicone rubber.


Products Feature

Brand Name:  VW/Audi

Mftrs part no.:  357972742C

Hao Yueh Part no. HY1433

Accessory type:  Single Wire Seal

Material:  Silicone  



Insulator O.D.3.2 - 3.7 mm

Color: Grass Green

SizeL:7.80  W:9.0  I:3.20

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging: Bulked packed.

SPQ: 1000 pcs

Shipping term: Within 3 days

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  • Minimum Order:1
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